Salter sets the standard in capnography. A unsurpassed range of configurations helps healthcare systems improve patient safety by making capnography monitoring possible in more situations. Cannulas, masks, and sampling lines with innovative features make Salter's capnography products the most popular Luer-style capnography products in the world.

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Capnography (EtCO2 )

Capnography (EtCO2 ) Products

SalterSTAT™ Orange
Reflective Style Connectors 

NEW! SalterSTAT™ Orange Series with Reflective Connectors

SalterSTAT™ Orange sample lines provide true EtCO2 sampling and proven O2 delivery, at substantial savings. Designed for reliability and available in a multitude of configurations.

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SalterSTAT™ Green 

Luer-Style Connectors 

Divided CO2 Sampling/O2 Delivery Cannulas

Available with soft or standard tubing, SalterSTAT™ Green divided capnography cannulas provide true EtCO2 sampling and proven O2 delivery without limitations at higher O2 rates. The ...

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SalterSTAT™ Green 

Luer-Style Connectors

Piggyback CO2/O2 Cannulas

Piggyback cannulas sample CO2 and deliver O2 from both nares an affordable capnography sampling option...

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SalterSTAT™ Blue 

EtCO2 Sampling Masks

CapnoVue CO2/O2 Masks

Capnovue capnography masks improve capnography with oral nasal sampling for mouth breathers and upper GI cases and higher oxygen delivery for patients where more aggressive oxygenation is needed. Luer ...

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SalterSTAT™ Green 

Luer-Style Connectors

CO2 Sampling Cannulas (no O2)

When capnography is indicated and O2 delivery isn't needed, Salter CO2 sampling cannulas sample CO2 from both nares for effective capnography monitoring, Available in multiple of configurations for Luer ...

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SalterSTAT™ Green

Luer-Style Connectors

CO2 Sampling Lines

Capnography gas sampling lines are available for Luer style monitors for intubated patients and any time only a sampling tube is needed, Configurations include multiple lengths, tubing diameters, conn...

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SalterSTAT™ Green

Luer-Style Connectors

Anesthetic Gas Sampling Lines

Co-extruded PVC and polyethylene sampling lines for Luer style monitors have an inner layer of polyethylene to enable sampling of anesthetic gases. Configurations include multiple lengths, tubing diam...

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Capnography Accessories

Capnography accessories such as filters and connectors make capnography more customizable for any setting...

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